Winkleworks Nova Scotia, Canada

Winkleworks felted flower pins have been enjoying popularity since 2010.

They are a fun and flamboyant fashion accessory that appeals to any age and adds a dash of colour to coat, sweater, dress, hat, scarf and more.

Each pin is individually sculpted by hand when wet, then assembled with the attention to quality of construction and detail that gives each one a distinct look and personality.

They are available in wool or silk custom dyed yarns

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Practically Beautiful...


Anna Robaczewski blends her passion for luscious, vibrant colour with her European sensibility that beautiful can also be useful. The result is finely crafted items that tickle our sense of whimsy, please our eyes and decorate our lives. Her art is beautiful and practical, designed to be worn and adorn. Anna is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Art Education and Visual Communication Design. She has taught art as well as explored her love of the visual arts through graphic design, photography, paint and fibre.
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